Briefing: February 1-7

7 02 2010


UK energy regulator Ofgem urges government to act in order to secure energy supply. (Feb. 3)

  • Ofgem CEO Alistair Buchanan warned that the UK had a window of opportunity to invest in infrastructure need to secure future energy supply. Ofgem proposed an array of substantial reforms to promote investment and improve market efficiency  Read more…

UK announces Feed-in-Tariff levels due to start April 1, 2010. (Feb. 1)

  • The FIT is focused on solar and wind but unfortunately not anaerobic digestion, which has shown significant growth recently as a form of micro-generation. The government also plans to role out a second FIT for renewable heat generation.  Read more…


White House 2011 budget plan confirms continued support for clean energy. (Feb. 1)

  • The proposed budget includes funding for renewable energy, smart grid and carbon capture technologies as well as multi-billion dollar loan-guarantee and tax credit schemes. Unlike the 2010 budget, the 2011 budget does not include projected revenue from cap-and-trade.  Read more…

Administraton announces plan to triple biofuel production by 2022. (Feb. 4)

  • The plan will maintain target for biofuel production set in the 2007 energy bill. The EPA also issued its renewable energy standards – re-introducing corn ethanol, which will now increase competitive pressure for more efficient fuels such as biomass-based diesel and cellulosic ethanol.  Read more…



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