Briefing: January 18 – 24

24 01 2010


German Minister of Environment announces 15% cut in feed-in-tariff.  (Jan. 22)

  • The cuts include a new 15% cut for open-space and rooftop solar projects, representing a 26% and 24% cumulative cut respectively. The cuts precipitate a run on solar PV systems and accelerated emigration of technology abroad.  Read more…

Ofgem announces additional £1Bn network investment to meet carbon reduction targets.  (Jan. 19)

  • The funding will be released in three tranches, with the first £319 focused on connecting renewable energy sources. This announcement comes in addition to an initial £3.8Bn allocated to three companies to upgrade transmission networks.  Read more…


Ontario finalizes $7Bn solar-wind development deal with Samsung.  (Jan. 21)

  • The project includes 2,500 MW of solar and wind developments and four manufacturing plants to be built by 2013. The deal marks a strategic step forward for Ontario as it seeks to become a major provider of renewable technology to the US market.  Read more…

DOE awards $37M for solid-state lighting projects.  (Jan. 18)

  • The 17 projects include research, product development and domestic manufacturing for LED and organic LED lighting. This is the first time the DOE allocates funds for manufacturing of solid-state lighting — representing an expanded effort to lower manufacturing costs and accelerate adoption.  Read more…

California launches $350M program to replace natural gas and electric hot water heaters with solar heaters.  (Jan. 21)

  • Customers will receive up to 30% of the replacement cost. The program will likely provide the example for many other states to promote more energy efficient heating programs.  Read more…



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